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How to choose a most suitable for your lawyer?

Once the dispute,Will involve very professional knowledge of law,Especially difficult complex cases,If the lack of professional counsel,The lawful rights and interests of the parties are highly susceptible to damage

Is professional in this field?How long fixed number of year of the practice,Experience is rich?My case can win it?

Xia Lifang lawyer,Graduated from China youth university for political sciences,Ningbo first lawyer ten best debater debating contest,Xiangshan jail lawyer invited inspectors。Xia Lifang lawyers engaged in legal work for over ten years,Be familiar with the local judicial environment,Has the good theory foundation of basic skills、Careful logical thinking ability、Super court strain capacity and abundant practical experience and action skills。With steadfast、The rigorous work style, and accurate and timely、Quality and efficient legal service well received by the parties。Adhering to the serious case,Be honest service idea,Do our best to realize the customer benefit maximization。 Business expertise:Criminal defense、Marriage and family、Contract dispute、Creditor's rights and debts、Damages, etc。 Social activities:Xiangshan jail lawyer invited supervisor of the all-china lawyers association member lawyers association member of ningbo city, zhejiang province bar association law fast Shared ningbo ningbo chief lawyer invited lawyers looking for the French open Xia Lifang lawyer of China as the legal adviser(In no particular order):Sea county public security, public security fire brigade, fire brigade xiangshan xiangshan Dan west street community xiangshan see new continent, trade union law lawyer xiangshan set hong industry &trade co., LTD. Xiangshan free body media co., LTD. Xiangshan six tong garment co., LTD The lawyer creed:Dedicated to professional The good faith so successful Contact information:Office phone:0574-65751226Mobile phone number:13586899906Q ...[More and more]

We all want to win,Choose a the most professional and powerful law is the best choice for you!

  • Professional lawyer

    Xia Lifang lawyer,Ningbo first lawyer ten best debater debating contest,Xiangshan jail lawyer invited inspectors。

  • Rich experience

    Lawyers engaged in legal work for over ten years,With careful logical thinking ability、Super court strain capacity。

  • Serious and responsible

    Do it carefully treated strictly,End all legal avenues,Maximum maintain the legitimate rights and interests。

  • Stick to the good faith

    Adhere to based on facts,Take the law as the criterion,Timely and clearly explaining legal risk to the customer and the drawbacks of case。

  • Efficient active

    The first time into the case procedure,Have the initiative in the process of case handling or litigation status。

  • Power protection

    Serious case,Be honest,Do our best to realize the customer benefit maximization,Its products are well received by the parties!