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The company address:Shaanxi province to the north of the house(2Kilometers)Yangchun of the bridge
The phone:09165527168    
Zip code:723100

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  Hanzhong city in shaanxi province yangchun xingyuan cement products co., LTD is a professional production of highway reinforced concrete drainage pipe culvert tunnel、Industrial and civil buildings、Road and bridge construction、Development of agriculture、(UType plate)Environmental colour brick、Way along、Color tile building materials enterprises。Head office is located in the southwest, analyzes to the north of the house2Km(Yangchun of the bridge),Branch is located in hanzhong city economic development zone(North hurried home groove wheel)。With head office and branch factory80Mu,Have all kinds of professional and technical personnel36People,Skilled employees100More than one(We also can produce according to different flow)。Branch company has an independent complete mechanical properties of the laboratory,Have full-time laboratory technician and inspectors。
  Produced by our company“Yangchun”Brand drains according to user needs and requirements, production, processing and special cement components,Special highway culvert pipe and a variety of different cement...

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