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Prosperity mahogany
The Chinese god cattleThe Chinese god cattleThe Chinese god cattle
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We will do our utmost to repay society,Promoting the development of enterprises

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3Every bit of the profits,Every ounce of wages,Originate from the customer。

“The pursuit of excellence,Lixin on others”

Customer as the center,Rely on all staff unite as one

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Would like to sincerely、Friendly attitude to face every customer,Hope to get the general customers the support and love

Push forward the development and progress of each other,Let us hand in hand side by side into brilliant tomorrow

6We are—To the quality to win trust,In order to service to win the future,Full gold worry-free service for you

After sales2The service response within hours,12Processed within hours

Its product distribution team,The inventory is complete,Ensure timely to meet customer demand

After the product shipped,In case of quality problem free replacement

The Chinese god cattle
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The status and prosperity mahogany handicraft factory
    Flourished in feicheng peachwood handicraft factory is located in taoyuan—Feicheng,The main production mahogany、Peachwood sword peachwood handicraft, etc,Its primacy in the east of mount tai,Dongping lake in the west,North uriage of jinan city,South of Confucius and the holy land,The beautiful scenery,Pleasant climate,The transportation is convenient,Jie people spirit,Production“Patron saint”Peachwood sword、A peach wooden products such as mahogany flexibly,Unique appearance design。
    We warmly welcome your visit,We will with the most sincere attitude to provide you the most satisfactory mahogany、Peachwood sword peachwood crafts such as price and service!
​The use of town house peachwood sword
The use of town house peachwood sword Peachwood sword is to ward off bad luck:If the home often out of luck、Out of the accident,Sword should be hang on the wall of the house just across the door,Sideways…
What is mahogany gossip right hanging method?What role is?
Hang a piece of bagua mirror,But in choosing a mirror,There are some things need to be aware of,Use of bagua mirror is blocked evil spirit,Must be a convex lens or PingJing、Mt…
Avoid using appropriate feng shui mascot town curtilage peachwood sword
The length of the largest about town curtilage peachwood sword98Cm,Made of pure mahogany,Do manual work is delicate,Through regular medallion processing。The mascot in traditional carved work…
What is the best?Mahogany ruyi put the position of feng shui
 Mahogany best what is the role of?  Mahogany you first think of is to ward off bad luck,Good mahogany has been circulated for a to ward off bad luck…
The moral of mahogany flexibly
The circulating satisfied is the best thing in the world、Life is not rich that is expensive。 To best blessing for meaning。 Mahogany,As a man,Your happiness coming…
Peach wooden comb how to clean
  I like most long hairMMThe same,Like with peach wooden comb,And I believe it,Even short hair you are in love with peach wooden comb…
Town house peachwood sword knowledge of feng shui

Town house peachwood sword has to ward off bad luck、The evil spirit、Blessing、Auspicious、Insulation、To help、Town house、Dissolve the peach blossom evil spirit、Frightened children、Feng shui, etc,A magical effect,Design used by ancient feng shui master to today。 Put and hang put about the town curtilage peachwood sword,This problem is also a lot of people care about。…

The Chinese god cattle
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