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Electrolux floor three core

Electrolux has a group of powerful、Design inspiration is rich in research and development team,Every year a large number of extremely challenging market products。
The product perfectly,Will do the best cost performance is the r&d team unremitting pursuit。

  • Credibility is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation。Good、Buck for the letter。As a company,Credibility is the survival of this,The way of development。

  • As a production enterprise,Break the set、Break through the tradition。Has always been our corporate purposes,New things may not be perfect,But, after all, it will replace the old things。

  • Not afraid of difficult to dry,They were afraid to heart is not designed。Electrolux floor through ups and downs17Years,Never give up。

Electrolux aggrandizement wood floor and real wood multilayer class,The company introduces the latest German company seven axis force behind mike,Germany's sufoma, double end milling is a full range of international first-class production equipment。Through strict selection,Base material using green environmental protection“Big”,“The giant”Exempted from inspection material。High quality raw materials selection,Leading stereoscopic moulding technology,Perfect wear-resisting。Simultaneous casing pressure process,Diversified strong lock type,Professional anti-counterfeiting mark,Trustworthy。
To exploit,And progress
Electrolux floor requirement for quality excellence,Almost harsh。To make each product is the perfect combination of nature and art。My company developed a number of national patent products,For a number of honorary certificate。We understand that the quality of the brand is the essence of the brand,We will continue to innovative new nice design and color。Continuous improvement,Keep learning,Strive to be the best,The most fashionable。
Humanized service”Is the window of electrolux sunshine service,The five core content of the sunlight service,Is fundamentally guarantee the consumer rights and interests of consumers,And from the customer's worries。The sunlight service with a smile,The colorful experience,Sun express service,Sunshine easy installation,Sunshine heart to heart。

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Our company is one specialized is engaged in wood research、Technology development、Production and sales in the integration of large-scale modern enterprise。The company introduces the latest German mike company seven axis power plane,Germany's sufoma, double end milling is a full range of international first-class production equipment。Production floor200Wan?The above。At the same time the company has a large number of management and technical personnel。With multiple premium brand,Are outstanding in the flooring industry。The company has set up a new parquet floor design and color of much money,Welcome friends from all walks of life to inquire。The formidable strength make its claim to the quality strives for perfection、Almost harsh。To make each

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European parquet floor and archaize floor spelling a flower is personality

  The decoration of wooden floor is popular with the younger generation of consumption,Not only is the result of the process of the floor and comfort,What is more important,Wood floor on the structure and the modernization of adornment effect more。At the same time,The higher selectivity on grain floor decorative pattern,This is especially true with parquet floor,The European parquet floor and archaize floor spelling a flower is most liked by consumers。  As the personalized requirements of modern young people,More and more people for oneself the home decorate a style to need to unique,Highlight its own characteristics。The parquet floor is decorated in the collocation more casual style and other decorative materials,Can undertake collocation according to different style。Not only that,On the color selection,Much more diverse than the general floor。  In addition,Consumers are familiar with on market at present is mostly past aggrandizement floor、Compound floor、Real wood floor of this a few classes,There are only a few understand to the parquet floor。The same

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