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     Leshan sailing co., LTD., established in agriculture2014Years3Month,Located in the town of jiajiang wu field HongChuan village in three groups,The area of land contract200Mu,The park were planted more than 20 varieties,All varieties of precious。
      Although China is already one of the table grapes production country in the world,But from the production power and quite a far way to go。Now the viticulture in zhuhai is still not fully out of“Heavy light”In the shadows,Along with our country productivity towards a grape“The quality and safety”The new era,Along with the rapid development of economy in recent years,The continuous improvement of living standards,Consumer has higher requirement for the quality of the grapes,In order to adapt to the market demand,I park newly introduced leading technology:Reflective cover、The scaffolding shelter cultivation:VType flat planting,Formula fertilizer,Plant diseases and insect pests prevention and control of green and other modern agriculture planting patterns,In order to“High quality、High security”Many varieties of grapes, dedication to the consumer,In modern agriculture、Efficient agriculture、High standards of green agriculture,Push the table grapes in zhuhai industry unceasingly in the new stage。

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