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Nantong baivy software technology co., LTD. Was established2004Years,Is kingdee international software group, set up the informatization management consulting in nantong、Implementation and services,Kingdee is nantong official authorized agent。The company has employees20More than one,Other counties(The city)Service center10More than one。One of themERPConsulting implementation consultants6Name,KingdeeK3Certification implementation engineer8Name,Senior programmer2Name,Network certified engineer1Name。

For more than a decade,With nantong area more than two thousand enterprises established long-term relations of cooperation,To provide finance、Logistics、Marketing、Production、Plan、Human resources、Customer relationships、Office automation and so on enterprise information management solutions。After successfully implemented jiang Su Hui leisure products co., LTD、Henghui security products(Nantong)Co., LTD、Jiangsu shun tong construction group、Jiangsu td chemistry、Qidong new sheng electric tools such as large-scale enterprise's enterprise management software services。ERPMarket share as high as in application40%The above,Become the enterprise information construction in nantong。


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